Meet The Brewer – Pete Hughes

The second addition to our Meet The Brewer line up will be Pete Hughes, head brewer at The Brewhouse & Kitchen in Guildhall Walk.

Pete started brewing at home in 2005.  In 2008 he joined the London Amateur Brewers where he met some very talented brewers. It was in that group that his brewing knowledge took a sharp increase and he started competing and winning awards in local and national home brew competitions.  In 2011 Pete passed the Beer Judging Certification Program’s entrance exam and qualified as a Certified Beer Judge and later was also accepted into The National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges. The hobby was becoming an obsession and by chance one day a friend brought in an advert for a job in a brewery, The Mighty Oak Brewing Co. in Maldon Essex. Pete applied and in Feb 2012 and got the job, starting work there as the second brewer under Dr Alexander Ratter, the very talented head brewer. Under John Boyce, the owner, and he learned about producing beer on a commercial scale and couldn’t quite believe that he had turned a hobby into a job. After 9 months there Pete spotted an ad for the Head Brewer job at Brewhouse & Kitchen and decided to apply.  After speaking to Simon Bunn and doing a trial brew with Mark Wainright, Pete got the job. This brought him to where he is today, making beer and making friends in Portsmouth, loving every minute of it!



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