Beer Preview #2 – Wild Beer Co. ~ Yankee Sandwich

Yankee Sandwich by Wild Beer Co. is a beer we had the great pleasure of sampling a couple of months ago. Being fans of Milk Stout from Bristol Beer Factory and Mokko by Summer Wine Brewery respectively, we were very keen to try this one out. With a peanut butter and cocoa finish it might not be to everyone’s liking, but it will be well worth a try for any inquisitive beer drinkers.  Below are the Wild Beer Co comments on the beer:

“Being a team of peanut butter lovers, we thought it would be fun to make a peanut butter stout for the winter months. We have sourced top quality peanuts for a beer that will coat your mouth in chocolate peanut butter cup heaven!  The rich dark malts, cacao nibs, oats and lactose add to the big creamy body of the beer whilst the salty-sweet combo of chocolate and peanuts gets us salivating.  Yankee Sandwich makes a fantastic ice cream float, so drop a spoonful of your favourite ice cream into your glass for a real treat!”

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