Friday Evening Session – Peach & The New Beats

Peach and the New Beats are a band that perform a sweet cocktail of old and new favourites with an authentic retro feel.

With a line up of vast experience in the music industry, Peach and the New Beats are a complete, professional outfit. Their formation wasn’t exactly an accident as much as an organic evolution. The embryonic form began with Hayley Alker and Gary Shaw. She is a fantastic musician encompassing piano, composition and an outstanding vocal talent. Her father, Dave, is an accomplished jazz pianist and artist whose influence has flowed effortlessly into his daughter. Hayley’s scope and range is vast. Her styles are wide and always incomplete. That sounds strange but it is, in actuality, a gigantic compliment. It means she is always looking for something new.

We’re looking forward to hearing their tones at our Friday evening session!


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 08.52.49

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