Brewery Preview – Cloudwater Brew Co.

We’ll be previewing a few of our selected breweries for May over the next few weeks for you to have a look at and potentially start drawing up your beer list for the day!  First up we welcome Cloudwater Brew Co.

At the heart of their new venture is a deep love for the changing seasons, each bringing with it an invitation to enjoy the scarcity and abundance our natural environment offers. They want to showcase the ebb and flow by using seasonal ingredients at their very best, and taking inspiration from the change of lifestyle each season creates.  Along the way there’ll be both old recipes and new experiments, as they use the best of both traditional and cutting edge techniques to create modern seasonal beer.

The UK brewing scene, and the international brewing scene beyond is vibrant and rich. They’re working hard to make the best contribution to modern beer they possibly can.

We look forward to hosting some of their fantastic beers this May.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 20.31.19.png

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