Brewery Preview – Southsea Brewing Co.

Inspired by the craft beer revolution, a new local business is brewing up a treat within the historic walls of Southsea Castle.

The brainchild of local beer drinker/brewer David Eastwood, The Southsea Brewing Co. aims to go beyond the boundaries of traditional beer styles, bringing flavourful beers to the people of Portsmouth and beyond.

What started as a home-brew hobby for David quickly evolved into a micro brewery in his garage. After voluntarily working for a number of breweries around the south coast, David was offered an assistant brewer position at a traditional cask ale brewery.

Whilst learning from an award winning, classically-trained brewer, he continued to experiment at home producing innovative beers which won awards in local and regional competitions. His first beer was debuted at the 2015 Portsmouth Beer Festival which was hugely popular and the first to sell out. Since then David has been brewing full time to keep up with the demand.

Recently David has managed to convince the local council to give him a space to brew his beers in Southsea Castle. David says: ‘‘I couldn’t think of a cooler place to set up the brewery than a 15th century, seafront fortification castle built by Henry the 8th!’’

Complete with a tap room for tastings, take-away beers and brewery experience days, Southsea Brewing Co.’s unique new home is set to be haven for fans of craft beers near and far.

Follow them on:, Twitter: @southseabrewing
07939 063970

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