O’Hagan’s BBQ At Portsmouth Beer Festival

Great news!  We’re pleased to announce that we have the multi award winning O’Hagan’s sausages and BBQ in association with Hog Roast Dorset at the beer festival this year. O’Hagan’s award winning sausages are handcrafted daily using the finest fresh ingredients and have absolutely no mechanically recovered meat, genetically modified ingredients, colourings, preservatives or anyContinue reading “O’Hagan’s BBQ At Portsmouth Beer Festival”

Strong Island 4th Annual Home Brew Competition

Wednesday evening saw the 4th year of the Strong Island Home Brew competition at Little Johnny Russells and we were not disappointed.  The best turnout of any year so far, and the quality was improved across the board to match the strong numbers. A total of 12 entries were submitted to the restricted brew category with theContinue reading “Strong Island 4th Annual Home Brew Competition”

Saturday Afternoon Session – The Folsom

The Folsom are Jack Ware and Nick Day, an acoustic duo from Portsmouth.  Playing mainly original material mixed with covers by the people that they take a large influence from.  Artists such as Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan are listed as their biggest inspirations.  After being friends from school they formedContinue reading “Saturday Afternoon Session – The Folsom”

Friday Night Session – Fugitive Orchestra

Southsea-based musician, James Tattington started performing as Fugitive Orchestra after reading a passage in a J. G. Ballard novel. Fugitive Orchestra makes music which sits in the middle of a bar-brawl between Jazz, Folk, Blues and Alternative, uneasily drinking an Espresso; drawing inspiration from the likes of Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, Andrew Bird, Kate Bush,Continue reading “Friday Night Session – Fugitive Orchestra”

Saturday Night Session – Spike’s Classic Vinyl Rock Roadshow

Joining the line up on Saturday night will be the legendary Spike with his Vinyl Rock Roadshow.  Lindisfarne to Led Zeppelin & Cream to Creedence, Spike presents a wide range of rock from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.  Remember and enjoy the crackly old vinyl sound of original plastic from some 30 years of classicContinue reading “Saturday Night Session – Spike’s Classic Vinyl Rock Roadshow”

Saturday Afternoon Session – Hometown Show

Hailing from the South-Coast of England, Hometown Show has an authentic Americana/Bluegrass/Country sound. Heavily influenced by the old-time string bands of appalachia and many modern day folk heroes.  So wonderfully described by Vanessa Jean Speckman of Lubricated Magazine, San Francisco, USA, “Hometown Show is like the scent of your Momma’s apple pie wafting through the air, theContinue reading “Saturday Afternoon Session – Hometown Show”

Saturday Night Session – The Southsea Alternative Choir

The Southsea Alternative Choir are “A local ragbag bunch of harmonious minstrels, singing some of the best songs ever written & raising money for a worthy cause.”  From the Beatles to Blur, Bowie to The Beach Boys, with many other classic songs this ‘alternative’ choir won’t fail to make you stomp your feet and get involvedContinue reading “Saturday Night Session – The Southsea Alternative Choir”

Saturday Afternoon Session – The Day Of The Rabblement

Headlining our Saturday afternoon session at the beer festival is The Day of the Rabblement.  Formed in 2010, The Day of the Rabblement are an exciting 7-piece indie-folk band from the south coast.  This female-fronted group employ an array of traditional instrumentation to support impassioned lyrics and lush harmony, offering a unique and modern interpretation of theContinue reading “Saturday Afternoon Session – The Day Of The Rabblement”