Saturday Night Session – The Southsea Alternative Choir

The Southsea Alternative Choir are “A local ragbag bunch of harmonious minstrels, singing some of the best songs ever written & raising money for a worthy cause.”  From the Beatles to Blur, Bowie to The Beach Boys, with many other classic songs this ‘alternative’ choir won’t fail to make you stomp your feet and get involvedContinue reading “Saturday Night Session – The Southsea Alternative Choir”

Saturday Afternoon Session – The Day Of The Rabblement

Headlining our Saturday afternoon session at the beer festival is The Day of the Rabblement.  Formed in 2010, The Day of the Rabblement are an exciting 7-piece indie-folk band from the south coast.  This female-fronted group employ an array of traditional instrumentation to support impassioned lyrics and lush harmony, offering a unique and modern interpretation of theContinue reading “Saturday Afternoon Session – The Day Of The Rabblement”

Friday Night Session – Bog Rolling Stones

Realising that it is impossible to take one’s self seriously whilst prancing about on stage in a wig and stripy trousers, the band’s attitude revolves around high energy, no holds barred entertainment. (Not to mention shouting “Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhh, baaayyyyybeeeee!” at every opportunity).  Band members slip in and out of character at opportune moments and wigs haveContinue reading “Friday Night Session – Bog Rolling Stones”