The Thunder Foundation

The Thunder Foundation was set up in 2012 by Raad Swais  to raise awareness of the daily struggles which some of the poorest children in Kenya face in order to survive. In early 2013  Raad decided to go a step further and offer children a life changing opportunity: an education and so TTF opened its first primary school in the slums of Kawangware, Nairobi.   Children are selected on a ‘highest needs’ basis. Sadly, most children suffer tremendously from malnutrition and many others from extremely serious illnesses. As an organization, TTF believe strongly that the balance of food, education and health must all be attained to ensure the students are progressing and that the whole-child is developing! TTF are very proud of the fact that their school is the first of its kind in Nairobi (and maybe Kenya)  to provide free education, free food, free uniforms, free books, and free health cover to its students.

They also fund two football coaches every evening to coach 110 Nairobi street children who have no homes.  These teams compete regularly against local schools and to-date have had excellent results.

100% of all donations to this charity go directly to the children in the school in Nairobi – there is no middle man.  Raad, his team in Nairobi, his family and a small group of fundraisers in the UK believe strongly that:   ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ (Nelson Mandela) and all funds raised at the Portsmouth Beer Festival will go directly to TTF Nairobi to meet the children’s educational needs.


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 Tonic Music for Mental Health

Tonic Music for Mental Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in the South-Coast of England. They established in June 2012 with Terry Hall (The Specials) and Kevin Cummins (Music Photographer) are both Tonic patrons.

Tonic raises awareness and challenges the stigma often associated with mental illness through music and art based events and activities in association with an array of established and local artists and venues.

Music workshops, gigs, art groups and community projects take place throughout the year. All music and art workshops they facilitate are free, open to all and take place in established music venues. Music workshops help build confidence and self esteem, giving an opportunity for all participants to perform at a music gig. Art groups create artwork for Tonic gigs, free art hidden around Cities & festivals for people to find and keep, Zines, music inspired beermats, crafts, stencil, graffiti & street art, mindfulness colouring books, thought provoking affirmations & more. Weekly art & music groups take place at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea.

Tonic financially supports musicians and artists experiencing mental illness through funding art and music projects that serve to promote individual recovery and provide a route to enabling the individual to earn an income from their craft. Projects include funding an EP for band The High Wire Act and paying for an art space and start up costs for project In A Bind. Tonic also financially supports musicians and artists plan, run & facilitate music and art groups.

Tonic’s most recent campaign is to purchase instruments for all NHS psychiatric hospitals across the UK to help aid individual recovery through music.

Tonic also provides voluntary and work experience opportunities for creative people who have direct experience of mental illness.

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Samuels Fund

We welcome back Samuels Fund who continue to raise money for Samuel in his bid to walk independently.

The surgery was really the tool to a more independent life for Sam but just to have SDR is not enough. It is imperative that Sam has an ongoing programme of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, strength training and use of certain equipment to help him reach his full potential.  Now they have returned from the States they need help with raising the final £30,000 that will fund Sam’s much needed therapies.  Samuels Fund are massively thankful to you all for getting Sam to the first part of his journey to a more independent, healthier and happier life.  You can visit Sam’s website here

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RNLI – Lifeboats

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea.  They provide, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service and a seasonal lifeguard service. Their values reflect the way they do business as an organisation.  Here are their objectives outlined:
The RNLI saves lives at sea.
To end preventable loss of life at sea.
Our work is based on and driven by our values. Our volunteers and staff strive for excellence and are …
Selfless: willing to put the requirements of others before our own and the needs of the team before the individual, able to see the bigger picture and act in the best interests of the RNLI, and to be inclusive and respectful of others. Prepared to share our expertise with organisations that share our aims.
Dependable: always available, committed to doing our part in saving lives with professionalism and expertise, continuously developing and improving. Working in and for the community and delivering on our promises.
Trustworthy: responsible, accountable and efficient in the use of the donations entrusted to us by our supporters, managing our affairs with transparency, integrity and impartiality.
Courageous: prepared to achieve our aims in changing and challenging environments. We are innovative, adaptable and determined in our mission to save more lives at sea.

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Tom Prince Cancer Trust

The Tom Prince Cancer Trust was established in 2004, set up in memory of Tom; a lively and loving young lad. He was a very sociable and a keen footballer. He was kind, funny and always had a smile on his face.  Tom, who suffered from Osteosarcoma which is most common type of primary bone cancer, fought his illness bravely but sadly passed away the day before his 16th birthday. It was Tom’s strength and endurance which inspired the family to set up a charity in his name.  Having set a target of raising £1 million, it is a tremendous achievement to see them pass the £900,000 mark and we’re thrilled they’ve agreed to join us this time round so we can help them push on towards their final target.

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Feel Yourself Campaign

Feel Yourself Campaign aims to promote awareness in younger men and women as well as the more mature ones, about the importance of checking for breast and testicular cancer. Both of these types of cancer are on the increase and catching them early is the key to successful treatment. Setting a reminder on your phone for a weekly check of your assets should not only be an essential part of your beauty or health regime, it could also save your life!  You can visit their website here

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