Ashridge Big Apple 5.5%

A medium sweet cider

Ashridge Pear 6%

A pear cider with a touch of earthiness

Hallets Heartbreaker 7%

Dry but on the medium side. Incredibly smooth for is ABV

Hallets Real cider 6%

A refreshing medium cider with a partial dryness in the mix

Mr Whiteheads Blackberry 4%

A tongue curling blackberry cider

Mr Whiteheads Plum 4%

A refreshing apple and plum flavoured cider

Mr Whiteheads Rum Cask 7%

A medium cider with the unique taste of the rum cask

Mr Whiteheads Strawberry 4%

A medium cider with a subtle strawberry addition

Mr Whiteheads Toffee apple 4%

A subtle and not too sweet toffee apple flavour.

Sandford orchards Devon scrumpy 6%

Naturally cloudy and defines all that is great of Devon ciders

Snailsbank Mango 4%

Medium Herefordshire cider blended with luscious mango

Snailsbank Fruit bat 4%

A crisp cider blended over strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant

Snailsbank Strawberry and lime 4%

Sweet juicy strawberries with a das of tangy lime

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