FA Cup Final Live at The Beer Fest!

We’ll have a screen on at the beer festival this weekend so you’ll be able to catch the FA Cup final.  We’re aware the game kicks off just before our Saturday evening session, but if you arrive in time for the session opening you’ll be able to catch most of the game. Whether you’re a United or Palace fan, or just a neutral, you’ll still be able to enjoy some fine beers whilst taking in the match!

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Tonic Music For Mental Health

We’re thrilled to be welcoming Tonic Music For Mental Health as our chosen charity for the beer festival this May.  With the issue of mental health finally coming to the fore of public discussion with the help of many charities and initiatives such as Tonic, we’re pleased to have them on board.  With your help in the games room we hope to help them raise some important funds towards continuing their excellent work.

Tonic Music for Mental Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in the South-Coast of England. They established in June 2012 with Terry Hall (The Specials) and Kevin Cummins (Music Photographer) are both Tonic patrons.

Tonic raises awareness and challenges the stigma often associated with mental illness through music and art based events and activities in association with an array of established and local artists and venues.

Music workshops, gigs, art groups and community projects take place throughout the year. All music and art workshops they facilitate are free, open to all and take place in established music venues. Music workshops help build confidence and self esteem, giving an opportunity for all participants to perform at a music gig. Art groups create artwork for Tonic gigs, free art hidden around Cities & festivals for people to find and keep, Zines, music inspired beermats, crafts, stencil, graffiti & street art, mindfulness colouring books, thought provoking affirmations & more. Weekly art & music groups take place at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea.

Tonic financially supports musicians and artists experiencing mental illness through funding art and music projects that serve to promote individual recovery and provide a route to enabling the individual to earn an income from their craft. Projects include funding an EP for band The High Wire Act and paying for an art space and start up costs for project In A Bind. Tonic also financially supports musicians and artists plan, run & facilitate music and art groups.

Tonic’s most recent campaign is to purchase instruments for all NHS psychiatric hospitals across the UK to help aid individual recovery through music.

Tonic also provides voluntary and work experience opportunities for creative people who have direct experience of mental illness.

Tonic does not receive grants or funding – they are totally independent. All money is raised through fundraising activities, organising events and participating in various festivals, street markets, gigs and community events.

In October 2013 they organised a sell out show (1500 people) at Portsmouth Pyramids with an impressive lineup including Terry Hall (The Specials), From The Jam, Dub Pistols, Parlour Flames (Bonehead’s new band), The Lambrettas and compared by Eddie Piller. Throughout 2014 &2015, they organised numerous music gigs (including Little Barrie, Dub Pistols, Fay Hallam to name a few), free music workshops, community art groups, free art projects and have taken part in local events including Victorious Festival &The IOW Scooter Rally to raise awareness of mental health, promote the work we do and raise funds.

In June 2016 they are collaborating with Southsea Sound (Albert Rd) to provide two free eight-week music courses for people with experience of mental health issues. The first group “Girls to the Front” will be a woman’s group to build confidence, receive tuition, teaching and talks from radial female musicians and industry professionals. The second group will be a mixed.

To keep up-to-date with Tonic please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/TonicMusicForMentalHealth/

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Lovers of the Apple! (and Pears)

Don’t forget we’ll have our refreshingly good cider bar once again at the beer festival! Featuring many different ciders including a range from the magnificent Mr. Whitehead’s again, there will be a selection of perry’s and fruit ciders alongside one or two more traditional ciders.  What better way to welcome in the summer?

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Brewery Preview – Southsea Brewing Co.

Inspired by the craft beer revolution, a new local business is brewing up a treat within the historic walls of Southsea Castle.

The brainchild of local beer drinker/brewer David Eastwood, The Southsea Brewing Co. aims to go beyond the boundaries of traditional beer styles, bringing flavourful beers to the people of Portsmouth and beyond.

What started as a home-brew hobby for David quickly evolved into a micro brewery in his garage. After voluntarily working for a number of breweries around the south coast, David was offered an assistant brewer position at a traditional cask ale brewery.

Whilst learning from an award winning, classically-trained brewer, he continued to experiment at home producing innovative beers which won awards in local and regional competitions. His first beer was debuted at the 2015 Portsmouth Beer Festival which was hugely popular and the first to sell out. Since then David has been brewing full time to keep up with the demand.

Recently David has managed to convince the local council to give him a space to brew his beers in Southsea Castle. David says: ‘‘I couldn’t think of a cooler place to set up the brewery than a 15th century, seafront fortification castle built by Henry the 8th!’’

Complete with a tap room for tastings, take-away beers and brewery experience days, Southsea Brewing Co.’s unique new home is set to be haven for fans of craft beers near and far.

Follow them on: Facebook.com/southseabrewingco, Twitter: @southseabrewing
07939 063970

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Brewery Preview – Bristol Beer Factory

Bristol Beer Factory started life in 2004 brewing just a few standard cask conditioned ales in a vibrant part of south Bristol. They soon realised that there is so much more to brewing and so many more styles of beer that they want to try that their range has now developed into over 8 different regular bottled ales, 7 regular cask ales and up to 5 specials throughout the year. They are not afraid to try anything and the company has a firm belief that all the great ideas are already within the 4 walls of the brewery – it’s just a matter of extracting them out of the team within. Or you can just nick them from others – we’re not afraid to admit that either!

So it really is all about the beer. They love what they do, they love to drink it and they love to experiment. They are proud to be part of the current ‘Craft beer revolution’ and will do their utmost to persuade, convince and just simply tell everyone they meet what they should be drinking!

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